Pedramar was born in September 2013. It is Bea Ruíz and Raül Martí’s jewellery project. Both were born in Valencia, Spain, with one common denominator: admiring the beauty of the earth, sea and sky.

Bea, who has a professional background in civil engineering, finds out that “with enthusiasm, creativity can be learned just like reading, at any age and in any circumstance”. She discovers the personal satisfaction of creating small handcrafted tool-less art works, and the way to express the concerns and wonders that we feel for the natural world.


Raül works as Cultural Manager and he develops his creative concerns through artistic manifestations like theatre and graphic design. As a self-taught artist, he enjoys the design of each piece and the meticulous production process of materializing an idea.

Pedramar‘s essential feature is to offer a range of innovative and diversified products, by using sea stones and other marine materials combined with precious metal; employing traditional jewellery and silverware techniques.


Pedramar transmits simplicity, sincerity, freshness and sea breeze at each of its pieces with a hint of modernity against traditional jewellery.


Our wish is to seek your complicity with our lifestyle, where simplicity, beauty and the Mediterranean Sea come first.